Hola! Feliz juevesito! Ya casi fin de semana otra vez, y ya cada vez más cerca del spring break, ya están listos? cuáles son sus planes?

Les quiero compartir la entrevista que me hizo MASH Revista en donde les platico un poquito de mi trabajo, mi proceso creativo, y en especial de mi trabajo en el ámbito de lo editorial. Les voy a dejar el link de la entrevista para que vayan a leerla, además que adjuntaron algunos trabajos que he hecho.

Hello! Happy Thursday! Almost weekend again, and even closer to the spring break, are you ready? what are your plans?

I want to share the interview that I did with "MASH Revista" where I talked a little bit of my work, my creative process, and especially my work in the field of editorial photography. The Interview is on spanish of course, but I'll leave you the translation to english in here!

"Inspired by nature, romanticism and vintage style, Romina Paola talks about her work, her creative process and her approach to editorial photography".

What attracted you to editorial photography to want to be part of it?

RP: For me, editorial photography is telling a story, it is transmitting an idea, feelings, emotions, a concept through a series of photographs that manage to capture the attention of the public, to be able to create that story. Being able to be part of that, gives me great satisfaction.

What can we know about you, through your work?

RP: My photography is more focused on fashion and beauty, but always keeping my style. Being able to combine my passion for photography with my taste for fashion has been the best thing that has happened to me, feeling so much love and passion for what you do makes you happy, it's not just a job, it's a lifestyle that makes you Feel full and that is reflected in your work. I try not to lose the essence that I have applied in my photos from the beginning, to maintain my personal style but in spite of that to continue improving.

How is the creative process in each of your works?

RP: Creativity is the origin and the essence in each of my works. Since the beginning of my career has played a very important role in my photographs, each work begins with the search for a concept or an idea inspired by anything around me. I can find inspiration in an object, in a color, in a painting, in a place, I think you can find something beautiful anywhere. And from that, I try to develop that idea and find the elements to be able to transmit it in my photos.


At the time of the session, what do you prefer: to improvise or direct each photograph by yourself?

RP: Over time I have learned to control a bit more the process of photoshoots, I always try to get involved as much as I can on each project in order to have the results you seek, the direction is something I've perfected with the experience I've had, but sometimes improvising in photography gives you pleasant surprises.

What are your limits in how much the editing of the images?

RP: I think like every photographer, at first one plays a lot with the post proccess, and obviously you have many failures when you are just starting. But it is only a matter of practice, tastes, to take risks and to learn, to achieve a result that is to your liking, until you find your style. I developed my style for editing my photographs and is something that has helped people to recognize and follow my work. I consider it very subtle, natural and feel that conveys a certain harmony and elegance in sight.

Where is this type of photography going in our country? Is it necessary to leave Mexico to succeed in this area?

RP: I do not think it necessary to leave Mexico in order to succeed. In recent years a great talent has developed in our country, I speak not only of photography, but in many more professional fields.

Currently there are very talented photographers in Mexico, people I admire and have been internationally recognized and successful. There are fashion photographers working for world-class magazines and that's where you realize that we really have talent in our coutry

What kind of trends dominate in the editorial photography currently in the market?

RP: The trends are constantly changing, but I really think we're in an era of innovation. The rules are broken in both technique and composition and I believe that today, creativity is what gives importance to the editorial.

What do you like to photograph?

RP: I really like to photograph everything related to fashion, from editorials, campaigns, lookbooks, and lately I have a great taste for photographing beauty editorials. But no matter what project it is, I love to create a story and make a composition from elements such as clothes, makeup, hairstyle, place, etc. Playing with each element leads to a different result, and having the option of having more than one result is incredible.


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