Hola, hola! Ya estoy de vuelta en mi ciudad, y admito que extraño Guadalajara y no me quería regresar, pero ya estoy planeando volver a ir pronto! Es una ciudad muy bonita y con muchas cosas que ofrecer. Claro que no tuve la oportunidad de conocer muchos lugares, no iba exactamente a turistear, pero igual lo poco que pude conocer me dejo con muchas ganas de volver.

Regresé y me encontré con la noticia de que habían publicado una pequeña nota acerca de mi en uno de los periódicos locales, fue una linda sorpresa regresar y encontrarme con eso, fue algo totalmente inesperado. También regresé con un terrible resfriado, pero eso ya es otra historia. Aquí les dejo el link para que vayan a checarlo o si lo quieren leer en inglés, lo voy a escribir en la parte de abajo haha.

Hello Hello! I'm back in my city, and I admit I miss Guadalajara city and I didn't want to come back, but I'm already planning to go back pretty soon anyways! It is a very nice city and it have many things to offer. Of course I didn't had the opportunity to visit many places, because I was working, but the little places I had the opportunity to visit were really awesome and lovely, enough to made me want to go again and soon!

I returned and found the news that they had published a small note about me in one of the local newspapers, it was a nice surprise and totally unexpected. I also came back with a terrible cold, but that's another story. The article is in spanish obviously but I'll translate it for you guys! 

"Romina Paola: Fashion In photographs

Her good taste in fashion is reflected in capturing images

Etymologically photography means writing with light and Romina Paola illuminates each image and performing with her artistic and fashionista touch. She referred her work as a portrait and fashion photographer, so her photographs have a unique style that makes it different from others.

Already more than a thousand followers on her official page on Facebook and she is grateful for the support received, expecting to continue increasing her portfolio to more people so they can admire her photographs. Besides her passion for photography, she has a blog where she talks mainly about fashion, her inspiration.

Her work stands and different media have had a chance to interview her, thanks to this Romina has received invitations to work in different parts of the country.

In early March she went to Guadalajara to take photographs of the International Film Festival, an achievement for her. On 2016 she has many projects in mind, one is holding a workshop to share some of the experience she has as a photographer and is looking for people who wants to learn more about it."

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!


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